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Lean Oil is the purest sourced and distilled Medium Chain Triglyceride from Malaysia. Intermittent fast with ease.

We Love Lean Oil

Similar to using Jojoba oil instead of coconut oil as a carrier oil in essential oils, Palm Kernel oil is superior to coconut. We are thrilled to bring you the most incredible MCT oil ever distilled. We sustainably source it from Malaysia. We distill it to perfection. Every touchpoint has the utmost quality. We guarantee the quality and purity of our Lean Oil. You can see it through the glass flask bottle. You will taste it. Just one teaspoon 2X/day. You can put it in your coffee or smoothie. You can rub it on your skin and allow your skin to absorb the benefits. When looking to suppress your appetite, Lean Oil is a game-changer. The MCT is so natural your body knows exactly how to utilize it. We are excited to hear how you shed unwanted pounds, get ripped, intermittent fast, and buffer insulin.

When you purchase your newest obsession, Lean Oil, you will learn a lot about your body, what fuel it runs efficiently on, and more about overall health. Even if you do not change much of your current intake, your body will naturally utilize the proper fat as fuel. This product is ready to consume, a food-grade product. A little goes a long way. So only a teaspoon in the morning and night for the first three months.
Over the past two decades, almost every known food industry brand name has been part of the obesity crisis of manufacturing palm oil as their primary ingredient of their food or snack. The cosmetic industry has also used it extensively. Between those two industries, they have devastated rain forests in several regions, displaced villages, and nearly wiped out the orangutan population. They clear areas to grow palm kernels. Like a Mars bar, most of their ingredients are palm oil, not chocolate. So you are getting an entire bar of palm oil. The total Oil will cause mass obesity and gall bladder challenges. Unfortunately, they have found it cheaper to manufacture food using palm oil versus using other natural ingredients.
The best part about Lean Oil is the purity of the source and the entire process of the plant to market. We sustainably source it from Malaysia. We found out about this pure oil from one of the world's largest manufacturers of olive oil. He said he had never seen an MCT oil distilled this pure until now. He had to test it himself to see how better palm kernel MCT is than coconut. He replaced his coconut MCT with Lean Oil taking a teaspoon 2X per day for three months, and without changing anything else, including workouts or intake, weight flew off him, his energy increased, and he got ripped. This endorsement was all we needed, but of course, we did our due diligence.