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Lean Oil Origin

  • 2 min read
The best part about Lean Oil is the purity of the source and the entire process of the plant to market. We sustainably source it from Malaysia. We found out about this pure oil from one of the world's largest manufacturers of olive oil. He said he had never seen an MCT oil distilled this pure until now. He had to test it himself to see how better palm kernel MCT is than coconut. He replaced his coconut MCT with Lean Oil taking a teaspoon 2X per day for three months, and without changing anything else, including workouts or intake, weight flew off him, his energy increased, and he got ripped. This endorsement was all we needed, but of course, we did our due diligence.

We sampled Lean Oil with friends and family members that live to eat. Each reported that they were not hungry throughout the day and lost weight. We saw increased energy and sharper mental acuity. The average person was not hungry until about 4-430pm after just a green drink in the morning. The biggest eater of the group shared that he only took two bites out of his meal for the first time in his life. We found that pooling the Lean Oil in our mouth for about 30 seconds helped digest it, making it easier on our gall bladder. We found liquid gold that helped us with energy, weight loss, brain function, and buffering insulin. We even felt all the benefits even when we put the Lean Oil on our skin, over our stomach. Those who do not absorb meat experience the same benefits by putting it on their stomachs.

This plant oil is the optimal MCT for your body. When one's body burns fat instead of sugar for fuel, everything becomes more efficient, you do not need to eat as much, and there is no hunger. Eating was just a habit. Say hello to the new you.