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The Un-Diet

  • 2 min read

Dieting is a Growth Hormone challenge. It slows the number of calories burned daily, slowing your metabolism. This ends up more often than not, creating a Yo-Yo effect and trapping you. When you burn Lean Oil's Palm Kernel MCT as fuel, it is the proper fat to sustain your energy and blood sugar levels. It is 10X more efficient for fuel than coconut MCT. It is not less fuel, it is more efficient! You are not hungry throughout lunch and most of the day, so most do end up eating less. Your body already has the fuel it needs from the Lean Oil. 

Your body also needs nitric oxide to produce growth hormones. You can get that through High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), using B3 Bands for the 10-minute workout 3x/week, and from complementing Lean Oil with proper greens. 

HIIT workouts help develop necessary growth hormones. This type of workout causes an after-burn of calories for more weight loss. This is known as, Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. For those looking for the most efficient workout to complement the Lean Oil, all you need is 10 minutes 3x/week with the B3 Bands and their blood flow resistance. Click this link for more information.

The benefits are incredible.

Remember to eat real food, non-GMO, organic, not processed, no chemicals added, and lots of greens. Chew your food well every bite to a liquid form. Avoid hydrating during meals. It is best to wait an hour before hydrating. Avoid eating meals after 7 pm. Take your Lean Oil at night sometimes before bed and first thing in the morning. Pool or hold it in your mouth for about a minute, then swallow for the best absorption. 

This sets you off with the proper intake, fuel, and exercise. Just the Lean Oil alone will help you shed weight, get ripped, and feel amazing. When you add this entire approach, you will be unstoppable. We know you can do it. It is your nature!