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Purest Distilled Palm MCT Oil

Suppress your appetite, get ripped, buffer insulin, and improve cognitive skills.

The Un-Diet

Dieting creates a Growth Hormone challenge. It slows the number of calories burned daily, slowing your metabolism.

Canola Is Plastic Fat

Learn the difference in oils and how lean oil is so much more effective than coconut oil and all the others.

Really liked the oil. It curbed my appetite and provided energy in the morning rather than the dip I used to get.

Allen G.

I use a teaspoon in the morning and at night by swishing around in my mouth for a minute and letting it dissolve on my tongue. Noticed a big difference in my overall energy throughout the day, my gut health and my lack of inflammation as well as some weight loss in the first few weeks. Tastes good and is easy to integrate into my routine.

Joseph G.

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