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Lean Oil is the purest sourced and distilled Medium Chain Triglyceride from Malaysia. Intermittent fast with ease.

It is an entirely different plant with an MCT that the body utilizes more efficiently than coconut. The appetite is suppressed, and the midday hunger does not start until about 430pm. This allows you to skip lunch and eat an earlier substantial dinner. The quality of the plant, the region of Malaysia, and the pure distillation make this one of the best oils anyone has ever seen.

This is a loaded question. Almost every well-known brand we have eaten over the past two decades has used palm oil as a primary ingredient in their products. They have devastated rain forests, moved villages, and nearly decimated the orangutan population in many regions. They did this all for profit. For example, Instead of incurring the cost of making chocolate, they would modify the palm oil to make a chocolate bar and add a lot of sugar. Essentially the entire bar would be oil. From this misuse of the oil, they have created an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

We sustainably source palm oil. Experts agree that our Lean Oil MCT is by far the best they have ever seen. We only distill the MCT and recommend only one teaspoon twice a day. That is the optimal amount for most people to see incredible benefits. There has never been a more pure MCT brought to market.

Yes, similar to peanuts, many are allergic to palm oil. If you are allergic to palm kernel oil and still want the benefits, rub it on your stomach topically.

If you do experience a allergic reaction, tapping up and down the length of the spine, while breathing and thinking about the allergy will help flush it out. It is a fun applied kinesiology technique to rid allergies.

Take one teaspoon 2X/day. After two months, you can slowly up the amount to a tablespoon if you feel you want more. Please remember, less is more with MCT oil. We like to pool the teaspoon of Lean Oil in our mouth for at least 40 seconds before swallowing. You can put it in your coffee, tea or smoothie. You can put it on your salad as part of your dressing with some lemon. If you want benefits but are not into taking oil, rub a table spoon on your stomach.

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