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Palm Kernel's Tainted Name

  • 2 min read
Over the past two decades, almost every known food industry brand name has been part of the obesity crisis of manufacturing palm oil as their primary ingredient of their food or snack. The cosmetic industry has also used it extensively. Between those two industries, they have devastated rain forests in several regions, displaced villages, and nearly wiped out the orangutan population. They clear areas to grow palm kernels. Like a Mars bar, most of their ingredients are palm oil, not chocolate. So you are getting an entire bar of palm oil. The total Oil will cause mass obesity and gall bladder challenges. Unfortunately, they have found it cheaper to manufacture food using palm oil versus using other natural ingredients.

We want to dispel the stigma on palm oil that it is terrible. It is not bad, only the companies that improperly use it. We sustainably source and distill only the MCT. When you use only the MCT and the proper teaspoon amount, it is the optimal fuel for our bodies. Like peanuts, some do have allergies to palm oil, so palm oil is not for you with any signs of allergies. Our Lean Oil will be a game-changer for your weight loss and appetite suppression for the rest of us. It will buffer insulin and help with your teeth and gums. Pool it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds so your saliva will start to digest it before swallowing. Lean Oil from palm kernels is the answer for those who want to lose weight and have more energy. For you Keto lovers, this is the best MCT to keep your body and cognitive functions strong and consistent.