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Lean Oil Specifications

  • 2 min read
When you purchase your newest obsession, Lean Oil, you will learn a lot about your body, what fuel it runs efficiently on, and more about overall health. Even if you do not change much of your current intake, your body will naturally utilize the proper fat as fuel. This product is ready to consume, a food-grade product. A little goes a long way. So only a teaspoon in the morning and night for the first three months.

Studies show it can promote weight loss in several important ways, from its distillation and make-up of the proper amount of fatty acids. It is an instant source of energy that can also be used to fuel your brain. Lean Oil may reduce lactate buildup in athletes and help utilize fat for energy. The spec sheet even shows that it could help lubricate the body for a variety of challenges, including; Epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, and Autism.

The main component ketone advocates want to know is how much C8, C10, and C12 are in it. C8 is Caprylic Acid, best known to help improve energy. Your new Lean Oil is up to 64% C8 which is exceptionally high. C10 is Capric Acid known as Anti Fungal. The remaining amount in your Lean Oil is C10. The Spec sheet says it can have up to only 1.5% of C10. They say this to cover themselves. C10 is Anti Microbial, and less of it in your MCT is considered better. C10 contains powerful fatty acids that fight yeast and bacterial growth.

This product is considered suitable for vegan diets and naturally is lactose-free, gluten-free, glutamate-free, BSE-free, and non-GMO. This product is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as per 21CFR 182.1 and Proposition 65 compliant. The shelf life for Lean Oil is about 12 months. Microbiological testing is not required for edible vegetable oils since these products do not support any microbial growth (a very low water activity and no protein content). All the receiving bulk oils are tested for compliance with acceptable levels of heavy
metals: lead, cadmium, chromium, and arsenic (Note, all food products have to show naturally occurring elements). The manufacturers comply with the acceptable levels required by FDA and Codex Alimentarius for any chemical residuals.

The net of it is that we sustainably source the cleanest, purest oil and distill it to pristine levels of C8 & C10 for optimal benefits of energy, weight loss, appetite suppression, cognitive function, and insulin buffering, and more. We are fully transparent and want to educate all on the medicinal benefits of the proper amount and quality of Lean MCT Oil.